About Us

Hi there! My name is Nicole and its safe to say this isn't your regular mom and pop owned shop. Im actually just a really Cool Auntie who decided in the middle of a pandemic to follow my passion of opening a Baby Boutique.
So heres my story and how Zev & Co came about. 
I was raised in Connecticut and moved to New York to attend the top Fashion School in the country. I majored in Footwear and Accessories design, and early on I had the idea of creating my own Baby Footwear Line. With limited time in my busy schedule as a full time fashion student, I never pursued that dream. But along the way I kept creating baby shoes and playing with the idea. Years later, In the mist of the pandemic, While being out of work, and completing my degree, I tried to figure out how I can put my knowledge and love of fashion to good use. My oldest sister announced to my family that she was pregnant, and that sparked up the idea for a Baby boutique. I wanted to spoil my niece with beautiful, fun, and comfortable clothing that wasn't so commonly found in stores. 
So now our shop is family run, and we truly love it. 
I know, not your most common story. I don't have kids of my own yet, But Im obsessed with my niece, and all the beautiful pictures our customers tag us in of there little ones in Zev & Co Clothing.